Welcome on Actupol 3.0

Welcome on the English version of Actupol 3.0, my french political blog.

When you’re blogging – especially, when you’re writing a political blogging – it’s quite difficult to be neutral. I mean, when you cover the political news, you can’t just tell the facts. It’s even useless. If you want to be informed, you can read the press, that’s all.

So, when you’re blogging, you’ve a point of view on what happens and you wish to share it to debate.

When I started to blog, a couple of years ago, I wished to give my own point of view, a citizen point of view, although I introduced myself as politically committed. It is not so easy, and sometimes, your political commitment can be a handicap (especially when you’re looking for a job). But on the other hand, it’s a real asset showing that you’ve an opinion on something relevant, particularly in politics.

The objective of this political blog is to give my own point of view about French politics (but also on other topics as International and Europe). Every week at least, I’ll give my personal opinion on some aspects of the French political life (especially in the framework of the 2012 presidential campaign) in English.

As you can imagine, English is not my mother tongue and I may be more or less clumsy in my writing or my expression. So, sorry in advance but I promise you, I’ll do my outmost to be clear and understandable.

So, as we say in French “Bienvenue” and I hope you read me quite often. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment !

See you soon !