French politics

Hush! It’s a secret!

Nicolas Sarkozy stands for the next French presidential election. But please! Be discreet! It’s a secret!

Yesterday, the French leader was interviewed in live from L’Elysée to explain his economic policy dominated by the crisis.

During more one hour, Nicolas Sarkozy was more in campaign than acting as a head of State, explaining us he avoided a dismantlement of the Eurozone he saved not only Europe but also the entire world, he is brave and responsible, enjoying to tackle the socialists and his challenger François Hollande.

For Sarkozy, France is still experiencing the crisis because of the socialists who imposed the 1983 “rigueur” (austerity) and the “35 heures” of 2000 (reduction of the working time), policies which had very negative impacts, according to him. It’s fair enough but Sarkozy should know, the Parti socialiste is still in the opposition and have not ruled the country since 2002 anymore. Being honest may be sometimes a good thing, when you stand for to be reelected, in particularly.

Nicolas Sarkozy is concretely standing for his reelection, making almost a verbal slip-up, declaring: « I’m candidate… in 2007 ». A French president who is using the crisis an argument to demonstrate to his compatriots he tells the truth and he is the only one to cope with the problems. A tactful way to insist on the Hollande’s lack of experience.

But nobody was really convinced by his intervention, except by some political analysts who appreciated his clarity. As I’ve just written, the President is standing for his reelection, avoiding dealing with his outcome and some burning topics as the “affaires”.

To sum up, a President who is in election without any word for his outcome, to hide it better. Nicolas Sarkozy said, he wishes to rule till the end and put the interests of France first. Nonetheless, as François Hollande noticed, Sarkozy is accountable to his mandate, a very detrimental mandate for my country.