Ciao Silvio!

Endgame for Silvio Berlusconi! The current Italian president of Council should step down in the next days just after the vote of a new austerity plan having to get the country out of the crisis it is currently experiencing. While he was at it, he also confirmed he should not stand for the next elections which should hold during the 2012 spring.

Once again, Il Cavaliere falls and probably for good. Indeed, I don’t see how he could overcome this situation when it is known Berlusconi was given up by his own allies, the Umberto Bossi Lega Nord (Northern League) mainly. The different behaviours of the Italian head of government were no longer funny for a large part of Italian people and his inability to find a strong and quick solution to the crisis to get the country out the crisis too.

However, if Berlusconi was eventually forced to resign it is rather because of the crisis than his problems with Justice which is quite worrying. Indeed, markets and grading agencies have had the last word once again, not the Italians who already completed the break-up with the President since a moment.

All the more it is not the first time Berlusconi was forced to step down. In 1996, he lost the majority in the Parliament and for similar reasons (in comparison with today). As today, he was dropped by his main ally which did not prevent to come back to power in 2001 and to rule the country during five years (very quite impressive when the political situation of Italy is well known)

So, a come-back of Berlusconi is not completely impossible although such a hypothesis seems to be very hard to be credible. Italians did not still forgive his “bunga bunga” parties but also his inaction as far as the current crisis is concerned. Moreover, did not qualified Italy as “a shit country”, the last summer?

Nonetheless, Italians are quite unpredictable. Finally no Italian I know was still able to explain me why Silvio Berlusconi managed to be re-elected three times as president of Council, in spite of his behaviour even if he was hugely popular. A question I am asking them in the future to my comrades who probably come back to the polling stations for the third time since 2006, living in a strong and deep stagnation period. Besides, hardly anybody celebrated the next Berlusconi’s resignation, there was more important!

Anyway, I enjoy dedicate this article to all my Italian friends from France or Italy with a special dedication to my College of Europe comrades (in particularly to Davide and my sidekick Irene) Ciao bello a tutti!