French politics

Where is Eva?

“Eva Joly didn’t disappear!” declared Cecile Duflot, yesterday night and she is still the Europe Ecologie Les Verts candidate for the upcoming presidential election.

Some people started to be concerned, the former anti-corruption magistrate having not been on the TV and radio stages since a moment. Besides, she had even cancelled a debate with Jean-François Copé – the current UMP General Secretary – to take some distance, according to her supporters. This media-related absence immediately reopened the speculations on a probable withdrawal of the ecologist candidate, after the Noël Mamère declarations especially.

The ex-magistrate barely exists in the Elysée race within the French left but also within her own party in which she seems to have difficulties to impose and to campaign. Furthermore, Eva Joly seems to be dominated by her own campaign and has to face with a lack of popularity. Indeed, in spite of her seriousness and her probity, Eva Joly is not attractive for the voters, which despairs most ecologists leaders.

Which maybe explains her media-related silence these previous days and shows that Eva Joly is aside of her own party. A party which seems not to take into account her point of view while they are negotiating a political agreement with the French socialists!

Actually, the Greens have other concerns which were considered by the Socialist party, as far as the legislatives are concerned mainly. In other words, and as I explained in a previous post, Europe Ecologie – Les Verts will be less attempted to attack François Hollande from the moment they got important and very interesting counterparts. These counterparts should not be questioned by the Greens even if it means flanking the ex-magistrate candidate

Eva Joly with Cécile Duflot, the current EELV leader

“Eva Joly will be able to speak freely, defend the ecologist manifesto and assume the necessity to make this deal” said the current Ecologist leader, Cécile Duflot. Undoubtedly, but the facts exist and it is highly sure the ex-magistrate apply herself to respecting this non-aggression pact concluded between the two parties in order to preserve the Ecologists’ gains. And as Romain Pigenel wrote: “même si une candidature verte à la présidentielle se maintient, l’accord législatif rendra beaucoup plus compliqués des débordements tels qu’on en a connus et tels qu’on pourrait en craindre” (Translation: “even if a green candidacy is maintained, the legislative agreement will make some incidents more difficult to happen as we’re experienced before and such we might experience in the future”).

It’s probably the first turning point of this president election with an Eva Joly as indirect collateral damage of the deal made between the two main Left parties. And if it is unlikely she withdraws her candidacy, she should not give François Hollande a hard time because of the PS-EELV deal.