French politics

The fallen icons

They were considered as the symbol of the “sarkozysme”, a triumphant and arrogant “sarkozysme

In 2007, Rachida Dati and Rama Yade became the new UMP and “Sarkoland” muses in comparison with a very upset French Left. Everybody swore by them and everybody wanted to be with them. TV, Radio, newspapers… Coming from the “diversité” (ethnic diversity) – they became icons and an asset for the elected President.

In 2011, there hardly remain anything of their glory and greatness. Before, they become capricious, insolent, exigent and ambitious, extremely ambitious. Their behaviour annoyed the Elysée and Nicolas Sarkozy who decided to dismiss them roughly.

Former minister of Justice, Rachida Dati forgot that in politics, we have more enemies and friends and much people wanted to see her falling when she was under the protection of Nicolas Sarkozy. What is more, her endless caprices and her strong character seriously hurt Sarkozy who decided to give up her after a long moment of tolerance. Dati was obliged to run the European elections, in June 2009, leaving the government just after. An election she considered as a disgrace, not to say a betrayal.

Rama Yade, the former junior minister for Foreign Affairs and junior minister of Sport, experienced the same scenario. Also considered as a symbol of the diversity, she quickly became rebel and began to annoy Sarkozy too. But, her support to Jean-Louis Borloo, the former minister of Environment and Transportations, co-president of Parti radical valoisien (Radical party, right) – after her leaving of the Fillon government in November 2010 – seems to strongly disappoint the ruling party which decided to burn the icon he created.

Dati and Yade sincerely thought their presence within the François Fillon government would have been enough to get a full-fledged legitimacy inside the Sarkozy’s political movement. But some people inside the UMP wanted to make these icons a puppet, a foil for. This situation was acceptable from the moment they played the game and spread the “sarkozysme” speech. What is more, Dati as Yade made the mistake to have political ambitions and to rebel against the tenant of the Elysée. For instance, Yade refused to be the heading list for the 2009 European Elections in order to be more active in the Hauts-de-Seine, the political and historical fief of Nicolas S arkozy, near Paris. This offense to the president contributed to the slow but inevitable fall of the 33-year-old black and beautiful woman.

Rachida Dati and Rama Yade during a parliamentary session in July 2007.

So-called symbol of diversity within the Fillon government, Rama Yade and Rachida Dati are the very poor symbol of a French right, very cynical as far as the integration issues are concerned, actually. The current declarations and policy of Claude Guéant, the minister of Interior and the ruling majority vis-à-vis immigrants is the best example we have, a real expression of a French right which clearly decided to conquest the far-right votes, promised to Marine Le Pen so far.

I have to confess I’m quite sad for Dati and Yade, for Dati especially. Icons in 2007, burnt in hell in 2011, their political situation is proving, once again the Nicolas Sarkozy party doesn’t care integration and meritocracy issues, preferring docility. Furthermore, such a disgrace was symbolised by a strong political violence vis-à-vis the two women, which shows the triumphant “sarkozyme” is definitively part of a past and to forget.