French politics

This is the story of a “sale mec”

Some days ago, François Hollande, socialist candidate for the French presidency, compared in the front of some journalists Nicolas Sarkozy as a “sale mec” (nasty guy) during a lunch.

This declaration was immediately reported by the popular daily “Le Parisien” and commented by the UMP officials who strongly criticized François Hollande and expressed their indignation in order to defend their leader better. Nadine Morano – the current Minister of Apprenticeship and very pro-Sarkozy – even demanded to François Hollande apologizes while the other UMP leaders kept tackling a man who does not deserve to be candidate to the French Republic presidency according to them.

Some journalists who are present during at this moment wanted to give precisions, nonetheless. For them, Hollande did not insult Nicolas Sarkozy but strongly criticized his strategy which is to show himself at a brave man facing the crisis, to get a better image vis-à-vis the Frenchs, just before the end of his presidential mandate.

Did the socialist leader really insult Nicolas Sarkozy? There are a lot of interpretations and all the interpretations are possible. Nonetheless, this controversy proves once again the current ruling party and his unofficial candidate seems to panic and lose control, which probably explains his hypocrisy and his bad faith. After all, nobody forgot that Nicolas Sarkozy insulted a man, for years ago, during the “Salon de l’Agriculture” (Paris International Agricultural Show) and nobody forgot his rude behaviour vis-à-vis some people. Nobody except the UMP leaders probably touched by the Alzheimer’s disease

Such a story could have been funny for Nicolas Sarkozy and problematic for François Hollande if in the same time, the first was acting as a real president, respecting the French people and respecting his function. But, unfortunately, Sarkozy and most of his ministers behaved as scum, arrogant, and disrespectful people, spitting to the French people’s face and to the French institutions they have to protect. Compared to them, François Hollande could even be considered as an amateur and his declaration has no comparison even vis-à-vis the Lionel Jospin one. Indeed, in 2002, the former socialist Prime minister tackled Jacques Chirac saying he was “vieux, usé et fatigué” (old, worn out and tired) which provoked a huge polemic, the French people considering from the moment the former president respected and embodied the Institutions correctly, it was not correct to insist on his age and his health.

The current ruling party is raring to demand apologizes from François Hollande, if you compare with the rudeness of some of his leaders or some members of the Fillon government. Otherwise, the UMP should make apologizes to the French people for having offended him. Maybe the declaration of Hollande served as pretext for the French right which has still no candidate and still no relevant ideas to propose. But, there is something more important than this insignificant, especially during these hard times!