French politics

The Hollande rocket is on the launchpad!

25 000 people attended to the first meeting of the François Hollande’s campaign at Le Bourget, near Paris, yesterday.

The socialist candidate to the French presidency dealt with the main points of his manifesto and some key-points as the introduction of the non-cumulating mandate for the representatives, a new fiscal policy, the foreigners vote for the local elections, a better and effective struggle against delinquency, the withdrawal of the French troops from Afghanistan, the implementation of a new EU Treaty and a new French-German relationship based on the equality principle.

I was very impressed by the François Hollande’s performance, yesterday afternoon. Indeed, the former PS First Secretary did not tremble, hesitate or mumble in his words. The speech was clear, strong and limpid with no concession vis-à-vis the outgoing President although he was hardly mentioned by François Hollande.

The political reactions were obviously different. If the French socialists were glad and very enthusiastic, the UMP – the current ruling party – insisted on the ambiguity and the blurring of Hollande, maybe a sign of a certain panic faced to the good start of the socialist frontrunner.

Hollande knew his speech was very expected and the socialist candidate had to pull out all the stops to keep mastering the campaign. He had to show he was able to be president which supposed to be credible and provoke a certain enthusiasm, contrary to Lionel Jospin and Ségolène Royal who failed to create this in their previous respective campaigns (in 2002 and 2007)

On this point, Hollande seemed to be determined, delivering a realist speech on the current situation of France more particularly. Besides, the socialist candidate warned, he will not be able to keep promises he can’t and targets the recovery of the country to guarantee its prosperity better.

Hollande succeeded the beginning of his campaign but the way to the Elysée remains long. Morevoer, the ruling party will not hesitate to tackle a candidate more and more credible which explains the right’s current absence of serenity. Now, Hollande has to confirm and prepare the change everybody is expecting.