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The Sarkozy’s head of campaign

Nicolas Sarkozy is still not candidate for his re-election but he already hired his head of campaign.

A couple of days ago, Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, announced she was going to participate to the future Nicolas Sarkozy’s meetings for the coming electoral campaign. Meanwhile, the German conservative Party (CDU) enjoyed to give his support to the French outgoing president insisting on the fact he was the best person to tackle to the current crisis in France.

The Angela Merkel support to the French Head of State is not really surprising. They are part of the same European political party, the European People’s Party (European conservatives). What is more, France is still a strategic partner for Germany who needs nice relations with his neighbour, whatever the future Elysée tenant.

Nonetheless, if Angela Merkel officially backs Nicolas Sarkozy, it is not really for philanthropy or friendship. Since the beginning of the crisis in Europe, most of the outgoing governments were defeated after the elections or by the Parliament as in Ireland, Greece, Italy or Spain recently. In other words, a defeat of Nicolas Sarkozy on the next May would be a bad thing for Angela Merkel. In fact, some Germans would be attempted to imitate the Frenchs electing a social-democratic government during the next elections, in September 2013.              Merkel is trying to ensure herself, backing an outgoing president more and more contested and largely dominated by François Hollande, the socialist candidate. In the same time, the official support of the German leader is curious insofar as Merkel is confirming a secret everybody knows but the French people who is beginning to be fed up by the Nicolas Sarkozy’s attitude.

So, it is wondered if the support of Angie is not a poisoned chalice for Nicolas Sarkozy insofar as he preferred to inform the German chancellor instead of the French population, first. What is more, it is needed to remind the complicated relationships between Merkel and Sarkozy, Merkel less and less bearing the personal style of the French outgoing president.

Anyway, Nicolas Sarkozy already found his head of campaign, all he needs is to announce his candidacy to the French people, in the interest of the current political debate.