French politics

Word of a candidate

François Hollande during the TV broadcast “Parole de candidat” (Word of candidates) of TF1, the 27th of February

François Hollande was on the first French private channel, TF1, in the political programme “Parole de candidat” (Words of candidate). Faced to fourteen people representing the French society, the socialist candidate for the presidency defended and reminded some key-points of his manifesto and made new proposals as the creation of a high revenue tax from 1 million euro per year.

The current MP intervention was expected, not to say very expected because of current the progress of Nicolas Sarkozy in the opinion polls. Moreover, the socialist seems to experience a slowing down which can be explained by the recent campaign launching of the outgoing president. The slowing down has apparently no direct consequence insofar as Hollande is still in pole-position. Nonetheless, the progress of Sarkozy shows that nothing is done, for now.

Hollande knew he had to succeed his impact on stage and in the front of the sample of French people. During the programme, François Hollande seemed to be determined, concise and clear in his declarations, looking for some pedagogy and some boldness making a new proposal regarding to the fuel price issue.

Although he is frontrunner, Hollande is still aware the game is not over and still has to convince. The socialist leader knows it and also knows he has to secure his advance in the opinion polls to conserve and increase the current dynamic if possible. Thus, he launches initiatives and keeps making new proposals (regarding the fiscal policy for instance) to impose his own themes in the current debate.

This strategy seems to work according to a recent poll in which François Hollande is still in pole-position with 31,5% of votes compared with Nicolas Sarkozy who gets 27%, which is quite weak for an outgoing president.

It is too early to assess the impact of the François Hollande’s intervention on the polls. Nonetheless, it becomes clears that the socialist candidate wants to appear as someone who makes proposals rather than criticizing the outcome of Nicolas Sarkozy to be in pole-position. It is not easy but quasi-compulsory if Hollande wants to conserve his frontrunner status.