French politics

The official campaign

Since this Monday, midnight, the official campaign of the French presidential elections started.

What does it  exactly mean?

For some hours, candidates running for the Elysée have been authorized to broadcast videos on the public TV Channels. They are also allowed to put up their official posters on the official bulletin board till the first round of the election.

The official election is an important – probably the most important – moment of the French presidential election. Indeed, the campaign officially exists and this is the occasion for some candidates to put forward their ideas and their project for France, for the next five years, especially the middle-distance candidates as Jacques Cheminade, Philippe Poutou, Nicolas Dupont-Aignan and Nathalie Arthaud. For them, the official campaign gives them an occasion to introduce their point of views and to be heard as any important candidate (as Marine Le Pen, François Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy)

Nonetheless, all the candidates are submitted to a strict equality rule regarding the media access and the speaking time. The CSA – the French independent audiovisual authority – has to monitor and ensure the respect of the rule and can give recommendations if the TV Channels do not respect the provisions. Moreover, the candidates have to respect some principles to respect the equality between them. For instance, they can’t call for fundraising, tackle to or insult a challenger which is very different in comparison with some countries as Canada and the US. They also can’t make their video in the front of the Elysée Palace or use the national anthem and the national flag excepted if it is extract from a rally video. At last, all the videos must use the same format regarding the length and must be broadcast before the 20th of April, end of the official campaign.

If you are comfortable with French, here a link in which you can watch the videos of all the ten candidates running for the presidency. Don’t hesitate to make some comments and compare with your homeland.