French politics

Continuing or changing? I’m voting for François Hollande

The official French electoral campaign ends tonight at midnight. From this hour, all media will have to stop broadcasting any information and/or electoral propaganda to let the electors to make their choice freely.

I followed the presidential campaign with attention and I was more and less disappointed. Indeed, no genuine themes were put forward, rather a following of subjects more or less relevant and useful. This campaign lacked dynamism, the tackles between candidates being as important as the debates.

As you know, I back and I’m voting for François Hollande. After weeks of campaign – on the web and outside – I think he is the best person to tackle to the needs and the concerns of my compatriots.

Since 2007, the situation of France keeps getting worse and worse, not on an economic and social context only. In the French society, there is a kind of tension between people, and people are opposed each other. During his term, the outgoing president stigmatised immigrants, unemployed, people getting social allocations, in order to hide his fails. This president does not assume his outcome and hopes Frenchs forget to be re-elected.

François Hollande understood the hopelessness of my compatriots and wanted to bring solutions putting the youth issue forward. This is a fundamental issue: Is my generation going to live better than my parents’ one?

That’s why I back and I’m voting for François Hollande. To my mind, if a leader does not bet on the youth, his country is doomed. And the things seem to be clear: continuing or changing?

Continuing with a high and preoccupying unemployment rate (10% and 23% among the youth), more and more French people living under the poverty line, the dismantlement of the public services, a unbearable debt and a weak French in the international affairs?

Or, changing with a candidate investing on education, proposing a new youth employment policy aiming to facilitate the youth professional insertion (called “contrat de génération”), considering trade-unions as real partners and not as a threat, and explaining what he is going to do if he is elected president of the French republic.

That’s why I’m voting for François Hollande. As the French electoral law requires, my blog will not be updated from April 21st, midnight to April 22nd, 7 pm. My Twitter account and my Facebook page will not also be updated. See you Sunday, 7 pm for a live-blogging on the French version of Actupol 3.0 on which I will give you the results from the François Hollande headquarters.