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Your future is my future

On the last May 11th, Party of European Socialists (PES) launched a campaign regarding youth employment issue in the EU.

The situation is alarming: more 5.5 million of young people are jobless, and more 1 million get a precarious job. Moreover, the rates are very preoccupying: 23% in France, 31% in Italy, 36% in Slovakia and even up 50% in Spain. Such a situation reinforces euro-scepticism within the EU member-States.

To give concrete answers to this burning issue, some initiatives and proposals were recently put forward as in Austria or in France during the recent presidential race, François Hollande proposing his “contrat de generation”, a kind of new deal aiming at facilitating youth employment. At the EU scale, the objective is to give answers to austerity policies led by the conservative governments which found their limits and are not efficient to tackle to the problem.

The European socialists put forward a “European Youth guarantee for jobs” based on a real European strategy for employment and also an adaptation of national policies allowing after four months, an access to job, a professionalizing internship or a formation are guaranteed as in Austria where the youth unemployment rate deeply decreased, passing down the 10%-rate.

Youth employment is a crucial issue for the future of the European Union. Join the movement in order to bring 2 million young people out of unemployment by 2014, by making a European Youth Guarantee a reality. For this, click on the following link. And if you come or are in Brussels in June, come and attend the Socialist and Democrat group conference in the European Parliament, an ideal occasion to express your ideas and make some proposals. (Deadline for subscribe: May 31st)