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The Sarkozy’s meanness

Nicolas Sarkozy, former French president ‘2007 – 2012), and current Member of the French Constitutional Court

Nicolas Sarkozy, former French president, recently gave – via a release – his opinion on the Syria Civil War for which he suggests a military action briefly to stop the Bashar Al-Assad regime, after having an interview with Abdel Basset Sayda, Syrian National Council president.

Nicolas Sarkozy expresses on the Syrian situation and his intervention was noticed on the French political life. Thus, if his statements were welcomed in the opposition, the ruling majority seems to be surprised – even annoyed – by such meanness which aims at disowning the François Hollande’s policy as Laurent Fabius, current Foreign Affairs minister said.

Indeed, the Elysée’s ex-tenant statement is quite curious insofar as the former leader is expressing on a crucial issue and takes the risk to blur the message and the action of France a little more. Maybe Nicolas Sarkozy is getting bored himself and maybe he is suffocating inside his private offices in Paris. Maybe it is unbearable for him to not participate to world’s affairs and he needs to exist, politically speaking, appearing as a wise man who advises his successor although he is criticizing him in the same time.

Nicolas Sarkozy receiving Bashar Al-Assad in 2009

Acting like this, Nicolas Sarkozy wants to test François Hollande to disown him better, insisting on an unproven aspect of his personality, a wimp man, unable to make decisions and who prefers deteriorating the situation to get out it better. The reasoning is relevant but that was without the reality of the Syrian crisis and the International affairs, a detail the former French president forgot or pretended to forget.

Nicolas Sarkozy is clearly aware the Syrian conflict did not start with the coming of François Hollande to power. It even started some weeks after the Libyan crisis which led to the Colonel Gaddafi’s regime overthrow. Regarding that, Nicolas Sarkozy was very careful during the previous presidential race as far as a military intervention in Syria was concerned, preferring a diplomatic solution. What is more, and contrary to Libya, some countries – Russia and China essentially – have clearly no intention to involve in a conflict located in a very unstable region and which would have an impact for the neighbour states. At last, the political skate is taken into account to “justify” a very limited action as Barack Obama who does not want to engage the United States in a new conflict. To sum up, Syria is not Libya and nobody wants to start a new war faced to a more prepared and equipped army compared with Gaddafi’s one, the Aleppo recent events being a relevant example.

In other words, the Nicolas Sarkozy’s statements, far having had the wanted impact – that is to say presenting the former French president as a wise man, leaning on his experience to give his point of view on an ongoing conflict – finally showed a mean-minded person, wanting to test his successor even if it means to lack any judgement and distance vis-à-vis the international context. Not questioning the François Hollande’s legitimacy and policy, the former French Head of State once again shows his ignorance and his indifference as far as international affairs are concerned to put himself forward better.