French politics

The kiss

Christiane Taubira, French minister of Justice, recently introduced a law allowing marriage and children adoption for same-sex couples. This measure, promised by François Hollande, during the last presidential campaign, should be voted by the Parliament, sometime in the first semester of 2013.

The draft law is still under discussion but deeply dividing the French society between those who are in favour and those (as the traditionalist movements) who are strongly against, considering as counter-nature and wanting the government gives up. Yesterday, some rallies against the law took place everywhere in France to tackle the project and make their voice heard. Alliance Vita – a Catholic association created by the ex-Nicolas Sarkozy minister Christine Boutin – made this initiative to stop the law.

On the other side, some counter-demonstrators, favourable to the draft law, also organized rallies and replied in a funny manner as Marseille where two young women undoubtedly gave the best and beautiful answer to those who consider the same-sex marriage as an original sin, as the picture shows:

I really liked this pic I find beautiful because there is nothing to add: faced with the retrograde and intolerant fight of some people, two young women are kissing each other without fear and shame, as if they wanted to tell the demonstrators (white and old people) they really did not care their opinions about the same sex-marriage. This picture points out a genuine gap between two generations: one, nostalgic, conservative and standing on its principles, the other who goes forward, moves with the times and who is happy, not to say (very) proud. The terrified reactions of the demonstrators are enough to see their impotence, as if they understood they might do nothing against a pure and simple expression of happiness, against two women who express their love and are happy like that.

We don’t know if the two ladies are really lesbians or they are simply two women who acted citizenly. Maybe, we’ll never know but it’s not the most important. This picture is already cult especially as there is an obvious political message. This picture gives and sum up all the arguments to defend the same-sex marriage law defended by Christiane Taubira vis-à-vis people only claiming principles and intolerance on the behalf of respect of some familial (and religious) values.

PS: finally, I heard these two ladies were heterosexuals. They explained their act saying that you needn’t be a gay to defend the same-sex marriage and children adoption by homosexuals. I totally agree with them!