“The best is coming”

Barack Obama finally won the US presidential election face to the Republican candidate Mitt Romney, with 306 delegates over 538.

The current and 44th US president gets a new term for four more years. This is a large and beautiful victory in spite of a difficult national and international context which could prevent Barack Obama to get this new mandate he has just won.

The democratic candidate was able to be lucid and humble face to the crisis and the expectations of the American people as the speech, he delivered at Chicago just after his victory, showed. He knows the time for promises is over and he has to give concrete solutions to get his country out of the deadlock and find the path of growth again. Vis-à-vis Mitt Romney, Barack Obama was able to reassure and proved, despites a disappointing economic outcome, he was still in capacity to give answers to his compatriots.

Mitt Romney, the defeated GOP candidate

On his side, Mitt Romney was unable to make the difference despites a much better campaign compared with John McCain in 2008 and even with Barack Obama. Despites his centrist repositioning, the GOP candidate made mistakes and was victim of some clangers coming from his supporters and Republicans candidates as Todd Akin or the controversy he made about the 47% of Americans considered as assisted or his will to dismantle some symbolical Obama’s measures as the reform of the Healthcare system. Electing Mitt Romney as president seemed to become a risk that a large part of Americans did not want to take in these uncertain times.

Barack Obama overwhelmingly won the election, what is he going to do for his second (and last) term? There are a lot of issues to deal with for the US president as the internal then the external stage. For instance, education, automobile industry, the reducing of inequalities, employment or the financial crisis way out, Palestine, Syria and Iran will be undoubtedly themes which are going to dominate the White House tenant new term and the relations between the White House and the US Congress with a democrat Senate and especially a House of Representatives under control of the Republicans and which will not hesitate to complicate his job even if GOP will have to make some concessions with the democrat president because of the defeat of Romney.

Barack Obama, with Michelle his wife and his children Malia and Sacha

The US president got a new and last term but did not entered in History yet according to Philippe Labro, French journalist and US expert. It is highly probable Barack Obama, freed of the objective of a new election, will want to make his mandate useful, something comparable with his famous “Obamacare” for the first part of his presidency. His second term will be – by definition – really different from the first and in which, he will be much attached to mark the minds to let a kind of political legacy.

So, the best is coming. Yes, he (still) can!

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  1. Some mistakes…
    The “reduce” instead of “the reduction”
    “The best is coming” instead of “the best is to come”

    By the way, interesting blog. Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comments. Jo

      As I wrote in introduction – my first article – in this blog, English is not my mother tongue and it’s possible I make some mistakes (I even hesitate between “The best is to come” and “The best is coming”)

      Thank you, I’m correcting soon 😉

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