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A Franco-German Week: 50 years of the signature of the Elysee Treaty

logo-50-ans-traitc3a9-de-lelysc3a9eFifty years ago was signed the Elysee Treaty symbolizing the reconciliation between France and Germany after centuries of more or less murderous rivalries during the WWI and II especially.

Fifty years after, what remains of this important treaty within the Franco-German relations? Is the “Paris-Berlin” axe still relevant or seems to be old-fashioned inside a questioning Europe? Does the across the Rhine cooperation still mean something for the current generation and how is it seen on one side and the other of the border? Is the Franco-German tandem still working in balance or with a clear struggle of power between the two partners?

These are the issues we are trying to give an answer during this special week on the Elysee Treaty 50th year anniversary, on Actupol 3.0 in partnership with “Europe’s Café” the English version of “Au Café de l’Europe” a blog founded by Pauline Armandet. Analyses, reflexions and interviews will punctuate this week at the moment Frenchs and Germans soberly celebrate this important moment for the relations between the two countries

Have a nice Franco-German week on Actupol 3.0 and Europe’s Café!