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Keep calm and carry on, monsieur le Président!

cenon-19-avril-2012-02fb-diaporamaOn 1939, British authorities, to ensure population just after the beginning of WWII, created a propaganda poster, “Keep calm and carry on”.

This very famous motto might be perfectly used for François Hollande, vis-à-vis the current international and political context since his election especially. The French President is aware of that, he is expected and has to give answers to his compatriots’ concerns which are more and more wondering about his strategy and his policy.

This strategy is clearly questioned by inopportune declarations and other quarrels within Ayrault Cabinet. Despites his integrity and his seriousness, the current PM still has difficulties to exist and impose himself towards French people and inside a parliamentary majority in which some people seem ready to apply (more or less explicitly) for his succession

Nonetheless, François Hollande made important efforts since the 6th of May, 2012. Some important and needed reforms were put forward then implemented – as the same-sex marriage for instance – and should be welcomed, in these troubled times. It won’t be enough to calm down the most impatient people faced with the increase of unemployment and precariousness but such reforms reply to the economic and social emergency currently existing in France.

François Hollande and his Prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault

François Hollande and his Prime minister, Jean-Marc Ayrault

François Hollande said it, a year ago. The first part of his five-year mandate would be focused on the recovery of France, with social justice. He took this commitment during the rally of Le Bourget when he started his campaign and this commitment is still on the agenda all the more so as he reaffirmed his will to get concrete results by 2014. It may be too long for some people and others might be desperate by the so-called Hollande’s lack of dynamism, but he seems to be confident and very relax, which may be very upsetting for his opponents.

François Hollande, faced with difficulties and a very important unpopularity, seems to keep his sang-froid and still trust to his strategy and his policy, which destabilizes the radical left and right opposition which have no other solutions than tackle the French leader’s personality, in order to hide their lack of realism and alternative solutions for France, as the poster made by the UMP party to “celebrate” the first anniversary of Hollande at power. But, with no solutions and discredited by power, the current opposition (UMP mainly) has difficulties to be seen as a credible alternative. Giving the impression to be indifferent face to the tackles and other bashings, François Hollande is behaving a genuine political leader, a genuine president, a very important detail which might be useful after.


“Hollande, a year after : May 2012 – May 2013”

 The French president clearly knows it, France cannot be reformed in twelve months only, and some people within the population clearly recognize it. Nevertheless, he also is aware of the fact he will be judged with concrete and relevant results. In fact, François Hollande has to prove he is acting and drawing a strategy and affirm his authority and a net and clear way both which supposes to “tell a story” in terms of political communication as Philippe Moreau-Chevrolet explains well in an article for a French media.

So, keep calm and carry on, monsieur Hollande, the hardest is coming!

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