French politics

They shall not pass


Clément, a 19-year-old far-left activist, has been savagely beaten by a skinheads group after an altercation at St Lazare, in west of inner-Paris.

At the moment I’m writing this post, Clément is clinically dead, according to some French media.

I’m very upset and angry by the dead of this young man, due to his political convictions. It is not acceptable someone dies for defending its ideas, in 2013. It is not tolerable fascist and extremist groups impose their law and terror to defend their nasty ideas, tackling the values and principles of the French Republic.

Just after this tragedy, some parties – as Parti de gauche (the Left Party, in which Clément was a member) and associations demanded the dissolution of these extremist groups and leagues. For the moment, Manuel Valls, French minister of Interior, didn’t reply to this request, preferring the inquiry is led to find people who committed this crime, although he explicitly affirmed Clément was killed by far-right movements.

In 1936 – 1939, Spanish republicans screamed “No pasaran” pointing the Franco’s Army and other fascist movements questioning the democratic values and aspirations of the Fruente Popular. In 2013, a young man has died for his political convictions in France. Some activists did not hesitate to beat and injure him deadly, with hardly any hope to be saved and live.

This event reminds us far-right movements and parties are a plea for our democratic societies and countries. Throughout Europe, democratic and progressive parties should deliverer a message of tolerance, hope and brotherhood, insisting on the nasty and subversive aspect of the brown pest. Faced to them, our better riposte should not revenge but tolerance and the defence of our values, of what you believe and we fight for a better society.

So, they shall not pass.