Justin Trudeau’s weed

Justin Trudeau, Member of the Canadian Parliament since 2008 and Liberal Party of Canada leader since 2013

Justin Trudeau, Member of the Canadian Parliament since 2008 and Liberal Party of Canada leader since 2013

Justin Trudeau recently confessed he has smoked marijuana since he has been Member of the Canadian Parliament.

The Liberal Party of Canada (LPC)’s statements are surprising and quickly commented on by other politicians and some analysts who denounce his contradictions, not to say his hypocrisy. Indeed, in 2010, Trudeau, already MP of Papineau (a Montreal constituency) was opposed to the decriminalization of marijuana, and his u-turn says a lot about his convictions and his political coherence.

Confessing having smoked marijuana while he is still MP, Justin Trudeau is targeting the following political objective: appearing as a leader close to the Canadians, their concerns and their lifestyle. At this point, he is using the transparency strategy since his election at the LPC leadership on the last April, unveiling his estates and his revenues, in order to be well seen in the perspective of the next federal elections.

In fact, Trudeau is more interested to enlarge the LPC electoral basis – which still has difficulties to get back on its feet since the party left the power in 2006 and harshly lost the 2011 elections faced to the Stephen Harper’s Canada Conservative Party – than legalizing marijuana. Proposing its decriminalization, the liberal leader is looking for seducing a part of the Canadian voters in favour of this idea and would be disappointed by Stephen Harper and the Thomas Mulcair’s New Democratic Party (NDP), the 2011 federal election big revelation but which has real difficulties to appear as the official opposition, due to the lack of charisma of his current leader compared to the missed Jack Layton.

So, dealing with marijuana, Trudeau wishes to appears as a politician in phase with his time and who takes his responsibilities, even if it means being cynical and versatile a little bit. A subtle way to put the other federal leaders against the wall especially the NDP which will have to express its point of view about marijuana issue, if it is not done yet. On this point, Thomas Mulcair confirmed he has smoked marijuana in the past although he did not precise when.


Because it is needed to remind Justin Trudeau, as LPC leader is already campaigning for the October 2015 federal elections in which the Liberals hope to take their revenge on the neo-democrats but also on the Conservatives and put an end to nine years of Harper Government, included four with a majority government. This is the Justin Trudeau’s challenge who is following his father, Pierre Elliot Trudeau, to become the next Prime minister of Canada, even if it involves a political calculation, counting on a clemency of his compatriots. This is a little bit risky but it might works especially if Harper experiences an erosion of his power.