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Mazowiecki, death of a wise man


I could not continue this week without paying tribute to Tadeusz Mazowiecki, first Polish post-communism Prime minister, who passed away at 86, on the last Monday

In comparison with Lech Walesa, Mazowiecki was not very famous outside Poland but, as the former president of the Polish Republic, he contributed to the end of communist regime via Solidarnosc in the 80’s, making the rapprochement between the trade union and the intellectual world he came from. Prime minister in 1989, he has a very important role in the German-Polish reconciliation, establishing the Oder-Neisse definitive borders and putting Poland on tracks of Europe although he had to lead in-depth and painful reforms for his country.

Tadeusz Mazowiecki, this is another symbol of Poland that is gone, the symbol of a nation who recovered its freedom and its dignity. Mazowiecki was hugely respected and Polish and European people will miss him.