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What can we expect from the new Juncker Commission?

New European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker

New European Commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker

I didn’t have time to deal with and express my point of view about the new Juncker Commission so far, due to the work and – to be honest – a lack of inspiration and a lot of tiredness.

But reading some journalists-bloggers’ posts as the French correspondent in the EU, Jean Quatremer, some experts and analysts are expecting a little bit form the new College, officially in charge since the 3rd of November.

Indeed, the new European Commission, led by former Luxembourg’s Prime minister Jean Claude Juncker, seems to be more political than the previous one. Taking into account, the political and economic situation of the European Union, the new executive body seems to be aware of the serious of the context and wishes to give a new direction for the European integration and the Europeans. On the last July, Jean-Claude Juncker did not hesitate to deal with “the Commission of the last chance” insofar so as if Europe fails to find concrete and effective solutions to tackle and fight unemployment and crisis, Europeans will turn back to the European project definitely, allowing euro-sceptic and euro-phobic parties to prosper more.

I did not campaign for Jean-Claude Juncker during the European parliament elections, backing the socialist candidate and European Parliament President, Martin Schulz. Nonetheless, from the moment the European People’s Party (the European right) won the elections and became the first political party and group within the Brussels/Strasbourg hemicycle, the ex-Luxembourgian leader had all the legitimacy to be the next European Commission President. The spirit of the election has finally been respected by the national leaders, allowing the European Commission to recover a legitimacy vis-à-vis the citizens, even partial.

Jean Claude Juncker and his predecessor, José Luis Manuel Barroso

Jean Claude Juncker and his predecessor, José Luis Manuel Barroso

Nonetheless, the new Commission needs to do politics more and better to find a complete legitimacy, especially during the new legislature that supposes to assume a clear leadership and a clear direction. During the past ten years, José Manuel Barrosso acted as a kind of chairman or secretary general at the service of the European Council rather than its own administration. This strategy was a disaster for the European integration and the European union insofar as Europe lacked ambitions without any federative project.

That is why, some people are expecting a little bit from Jean-Claude Juncker and his new “government”, after ten years of a tasteless and very transparent Barroso Commission. To be honest, I don’t know if the ex-Luxembourgian Premier will succeed to lead innovative projects and reforms all the more so as everything depends on the European Council and the will of some national leaders to do more and better integration or not. But, the European Commission has a unique opportunity to retake the power according the treaties and be the pilot of the European integration again, following the wills and objectives of the European Parliament for the EU social and economic strategies.


It depends on the capacity of Juncker to be innovative and audacious vis-à-vis the other institutions, what supposes a kind of break-up with a practice of power so far. So, wait and see !