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Front national and the (political) godsend of Philippot’s homosexuality

518-closerOn the last week, the French tabloid, Closer, revealed Florian Philippot, FN Member of the European Parliament and vice-president of the far-right political party, had an affair with a man, walking with him in the streets of Paris. The executive member decided to sue the French magazine and most of the newspapers criticized its behaviour negatively, for outing the political leader.

Once again, we are faced with a dilemma: revealing the romance of a politician on the behalf of the right of to be informed or respecting privacy and being silent about it. To my mind and to be honest, I do not care Florian Philippot, n°2 of the FN party, is gay, it is part of his life and maybe Closer should have not deal with it. As any citizen, the member of the European Parliament can and even have the duty of sue a tabloid, when he considers it attempted to his intimacy, for the moment he wanted to keep this information for himself and only for himself.

Nonetheless, this affair might be a godsend for the far right leader and even for the Front national movement. Although, it is opposed to the gay-marriage and the possibility for the gay couples to adopt children, the FN can use the Philippot’s story to show it is changing and becomes more tolerant, more open then before. Marine Le Pen still wants to prove the party she is the leader can assume power and rule the country and to reach its objective, some considerations, some point of views about some communities or some people are now pointless, at least should not be taken into account or in the agenda. Now, the objective is to seduce these communities and people coming from to enlarge his electorate and prove to everyone the party you chair has really changed.

Marine Le Pen, FN leader and Florian Philippot, MEP and FN vice-president

Marine Le Pen, FN leader and Florian Philippot, MEP and FN vice-president

In other words, even if Philippot kept his homosexuality secret so far, his outing is finally good news for the FN because it can now communicate on the fact you can be gay and join the movement, from the moment you support and share its ideas. The French far-right movement gives the impression homosexuality issue does not matter anymore, the most important is to seduce gay and lesbian communities.

That is why Philippot’s outing is, finally, a nice communication shot for the concerned person and his party from the moment they can use it to show homosexual people are (really) welcomed among them. A subtle way to reach this community as David Cameron, the British Prime minister, did when he got the Tory leadership almost ten years ago. Besides, at the moment Florian Philippot has been come out by Closer, Sébastien Chenu, pro-UMP Gay-Lib movement leader announced he joined the Rassemblement Bleu Marine association, affiliated to Front national, considering the UMP as a French Tea party to justify his decision.

Finally, Closer, revealing Philippot’s homosexuality, has become the best FN press attaché and communication officer. Even if the Member of the European Parliament sues the magazine, it is only by principle and he is aware there will be no political consequences for him and his party. Contrary to his father, Marine Le Pen wants to forget nobody and seduce everyone. Because that matters is not homosexuals anymore but voters who are behind.