2014: a year to forget?

CARTE DE VOEUX 2014 - Blowing

I did not be very active on my blog on the previous weeks and months. I needed time to think about something else, to think about politics differently, because to be honest, I feel myself more and more tired by it.

2014 was not a simple and pleasant year to spend: in France, President François Hollande falls to convince of the importance for the country to lead and implement reforms it needs to remain attractive and competitive due to globalization. Despites his will and his commitment, French citizens are reluctant to accept and make important sacrifices. Moreover, the “Trierweilergate” tarnished Hollande’s reputation and image while some political affairs and controversies besmirched French politicians that dramatically favoured the anti-system movements as the Front national who won the European Parliament elections.

In the world, some situations might despair the most optimistic of us. Indeed, tensions in Middle-East, the rise of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (Daesh), Putin’s dreams of domination and the incapacity of the European Union to draw a clear strategy in Ukraine and, more largely, in the global scene might be another sign of a kind of disillusion, disenchantment…

But 2014 might be seen as a new start. In France, some measures implemented by François Hollande begin to be fruitful and the French leader still seems to be determined to get concrete results and success his strategy. To my mind, I still convince François Hollande is the man my county needs for his recovery and to be deeply and structurally reformed. François Hollande is clearly aware of the fact France is really hard to be reformed but still has the ambition to success.

In Europe, a new Commission succeeded the Barroso’s one, on the last summer. Although, I did not campaign for Jean-Claude Juncker, I was positively surprised by his new strategy and plan to re-lunch the EU economy and the European integration. It is too early to know if Juncker plan works but we need a new direction and, above all, a new ambition for Europe. The former Luxembourgian Prime minister is a real federalist and knows he will be expected by a lot of Europeans.

That was 2014. Not a dazzling year but not also a shitty one. Waiting for 2015, I wish you all the best for the coming year, with a special thought for people who are lonely and/or experiencing difficult times. For me, it was a mitigated year (professionally and personally speaking) and I hope 2015 will be better… a little bit.

See you next year!