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A French 9/11 (or a new of start of something?)

During the Republican March, at Place de la République, Paris, 11th of January

During the Republican March, at Place de la République, Paris, 11th of January

On these previous days, I did not have time to blog. Due to the work, I was (and am still) very busy, working on projects, or writing reports. Need to take some distance regarding what recently happened in my beloved France, just two weeks ago.

It is very delicate to comment on an event that upset a great deal of people. Everybody, on the street, in the shops, at home, dealt with the attacks on Charlie Hebdo. Everybody expressed what he fell, his emotions. Nobody, whether his religion, his ethnical origins, really understood why some people could be killed just for drawing a prophet and giving his point of view about fundamentalism.

That is why, almost two weeks ago, millions of French citizens walked on the street throughout the country to express their attachment to values as liberty and fraternity. I was part of these people, this people here to express their proudness of being French and to say they still stand on against obscurantism and for freedom in general, freedom of speech, especially. Millions of Frenchs walked, without any political or trade union membership. They were just here to say: “Je suis Charlie, I’m proud to be French


Some analysts, just after the events, have considered there will be a before and an after 9/11 in France, as the in US, almost fifteen years ago. For sure, there will be a reaction from the French government to tackle terrorism and fight fundamentalism. French Prime minister, Manuel Valls, during his recent address to the Members of the National Assembly, was totally explicit: France is in war against Islamic fundamentalism but not against Islam. On this point, I am still convinced Islam is a religion of tolerance and peace and we should learn a lot of this religion instead of bashing it.

Nonetheless, protecting our values and fundamental principles must remain the alpha and omega of the new strategy of France regarding the fight against terrorism. Once again, the French executive has been very clear: no action should question our fundamental rights to prevent and tackle terrorism.

But these terrible events finally highlighted something unexpected: the will of building a new French society, more harmonious and with more solidarity, tackling what is really wrong inside. The time of debate and/or a deep analysis of the French society has come to understand each other and put forward a new social contract. Francois Hollande seems to have understood that and is proposing a new political strategy in order to the 1/11 huge and beautiful popular reaction lasts and gives a new direction for my country.

A way to the Charlie Hebdo’s cartoonists and the other victims are not uselessly dead.