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FNPS: the UMP leader’s new (pathetic) motto?

Nicolas Sarkozy, UMP party leader

Nicolas Sarkozy, UMP party leader

“Voting for a FN candidate is electing a socialist representative”. That Nicolas Sarkozy recently declared on the air of France Info Radio, on the last week.

It is not the first time the UMP leader makes a connection between the Front national and the French socialist party. Some weeks ago, Nicolas Sarkozy dealt with this expression for the first time in Le Figaro, the conservative newspaper. According to him, there exists a kind of connivance, implicit deal between these two parties to prevent the UMP coming back to power.

Once again, Nicolas Sarkozy makes a hazardous comparison to explain the influence and the strength of the French far right without his proposing any alternative proposal for the country and towards the citizens. Indeed, it seems to be easier to consider Marine Le Pen and François Hollande as objective partners. The FN leader and the French national leader are those who are responsible for the current social and economic situation of the country, and to tackle and down this system, there is only one situation: voting for Nicolas Sarkozy, cease made!

Dealing with and putting forward a so-called FNPS system, the UMP party and his leader show their incapacity to produce something different nonetheless. Indeed, in spite of his come-back to the UMP leadership on the last autumn, Nicolas Sarkozy has huge difficulty to embody and impulse a new hope for France and thinks that making a link between Front national and Socialist Party is enough to get the French people’s trust back and come back to power!

But such a strategy will be a humiliating failure, especially if the UMP party insists and does not make a clear difference between it and the FN party. For a moment, the French conservative party clearly has been an ambiguous attitude towards the far right Marine Le Pen movement, claiming it is still an extremist movement but enough to make some political deals with it and approve some of its ideas and proposals. Nicolas Sarkozy, due to political selfish strategy, keeps its ambiguity to attract FN voters and appear as a solution, even if it is means lacking coherence in his speeches.


FNPS expression by Nicolas Sarkozy must be seen as a way for the ex-French president to bypass and focus the attention on the French socialist Party and the French government, rather than analysing the ambiguous relationships between the far and moderate right. So far, Nicolas Sarkozy is not really looking for to make a distinction, moreover he proposes hardly anything. As Bruno Le Maire, UMP MP for Eure and ex-challenger for the UMP leadership clearly mentioned on i-Tele TV Channel News, this Monday morning, the French right is so responsible for the increase of FN as the French Socialist Party and instead of looking for a new name, the UMP should work on a programme and relevant proposals for France and French people.

Le Maire is probably right! Nicolas Sarkozy, if he wants to be useful, should work and act as a statesman rather than someone who has only one manifesto and ambition: coming back to the Elysée.