Can Hillary Clinton really be a regular woman to be the next US president?

Hillary Clinton officially announced her candidacy to the 2016 US Presidential elections via a video.

Most of people weren’t really surprised by this announce insofar as it was expected. In 2013, she expressly left the US diplomacy to prepare herself and now, she seems to be more determined to reach the White House and becoming the first American woman to rule the US. But before making her dream true, she will have to work on her own image to be closer the American people and to appear as someone who can understand and take account their concerns.

Image: File of U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivering remarks at the State Department  in WashingtonMost of the American people still perceive her as a technocrat woman, capable, smart but quite far the concerns of the people and too intellectual. Indeed, Hillary Clinton is a very competent woman, who has a clear vision for her country but sometimes can be arrogant and not be sensible. As Chris Cilliza, columnist for the Washington Post explained, this behaviour had important consequences in 2008: “One of the major failures of her 2008 presidential campaign was that people didn’t believe that Clinton cared or understood much about them”. On the contrary, his challenger, Barack Obama was seen as a cool guy, close to the people and able to understand them and also able to give a clear direction to America. The future US president could mobilize his supporters (and beyond) with only a motto (“Yes, we can”) and create a collective emotion whereas Hillary was too cerebral and not really in connexion with the regular American.

That’s why Hillary Clinton implements a new political strategy, introducing herself as a regular woman who speaks to her regular compatriots, those who had experienced the economic crisis in spite of their work and their efforts to lead a normal life. To reach her objective, she is leading a tour on the heart of the United States to meet these people and listen to their concerns as a regular woman. Moreover, Hillary Clinton really bets on a modern campaign, using the social networks to mobilize her supporters and to get new voters to reach the Democratic investiture in 2016.

To my mind, everything is depending on her now. As I wrote before, Hillary Clinton is a smart, cultured and brilliant woman who is able to gather the American people and give a new direction for the United States. But she has to break her image and to be herself both. Indeed, all depends on her capacity to give another but authentic image of herself, and not a image you give to win an election. In other words, Hillary Clinton has to fendre l’armure, a French expression to say someone has to give a more open and personal image of itself to the voters have the impression the person is as them and understands them.

obama-clinton_2116820bHillary Clinton is clearly in a good position to be the Democratic candidate and, why not, be the First American woman US president. But she must be aware as Chris Cilliza well concluded as the end of his column that “her greatest attribute is that she’s Hillary Clinton, her greatest weakness is that she’s Hillary Clinton”. In other words, if she wins to get the Democratic Party investiture and becomes the successor of Barack Obama in 2017, it will be thanks to herself, if she fails it will be because of herself.