Au revoir “Monsieur” Parizeau!


When I started to follow Canada and Quebec politics, I wanted to know a little bit more about political history and current political situation naturally. I started to know the main political parties and their leaders, former and current.

Jacques Parizeau was one of these leaders you don’t forget. He was an impressive man, quite elegant, very smart and above all, deeply and sincerely activist for independence of Quebec. Throughout a large part of his life, he promoted the sovereignty of the Francophone province, putting very relevant and strong arguments.

Jacques Parizeau was a sincere politician, struggling for his dream he tried to make true in 1995 during the Quebec’s Referendum. He was also a man of conviction and commitment, declaring he lost the referendum he would quit politics immediately, what he did some weeks after.

Till the end of his life, Jacques Parizeau never gave up the idea to see an independent Quebec and he contributed to make the province more attractive and stronger. Parizeau was a passionate politician who sometimes made important mistakes and could not control what he thought. As in 1995, the night Parti Quebecois lost the referendum he said the Yes camp lost due to money and immigrant vote. Parizeau missed his political exit and many people keep reproaching him till the end.

Quebec will miss a lot Jacques Parizeau who belongs to history of Quebec now. Some papers already say Pierre-Karl Péladeau, the new PQ’s leader, is his direct heir. I don’t know if there exist a clear political filiation between the ex-Prime minister and the one who wishes to be, but it is sure that the ex-CEO of Quebecor will claim his political legacy in the future.

“Monsieur” is gone. Au revoir Monsieur Parizeau!