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Gilles N&BMy name is Gilles JOHNSON, born on November 23rd, 1985 at Bondy, near Paris, in France.  A town located in the north-east (about 10 km from the heart of the French capital) in the Seine-Saint-Denis administrative department. I’m very attached to my birthplace, very mixed and living, very far of its reputation.

After my primary and secondary school at Bondy – where I got my Baccalauréat majoring in Economics and Social Sciences, I studied in preparatory class for entrance to top French universities before joining La Sorbonne for a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in History in 2004. Two years after, and after getting my BA, I got into Sciences Po Grenoble for a BA in Political Science then a Master of Arts in European Affairs, majoring European administration and policy. Graduated in 2010, I completed my studies at College of Europe at Natolin (Warsaw, Poland) with a MA in European Interdisciplinary Studies, majoring Governance in the EU.

Regarding my political commitment, it can be considered I started quite young. I was a little bit concerned when my father was part of the Parti socialiste (Socialist Party) and took me for some events or demonstrations. Nonetheless, it’s by the associations then the citizenship I felt very concerned by politics and local issues. Member of an amateur choir from 1993 to 2001, I had the great privilege and the great opportunity to travel and visit France and abroad, which is more enriching and gratifying than staying in his block. After, I become member of the Bondy youth local council from 1996 to 2000, a council I was president from 1998 to 2000. Then, I went on my citizen commitment at high school as pupils’ representative and member of the governing board from 2002 to 2003.

All these experiences and my father’s influence encouraged me to be interested by French politics more although I wasn’t part of any party or movement, even if I was close to the progressive values and thought. Nonetheless, I changed my mind when Jean-Marie Le Pen, the far right leader, was qualified for the 2002 French presidential election run-off. I made a very important decision: being activist and joining the French Socialist Party in 2003.

I’m also a pro-European and federalist activist and in 2006, I joined the Mouvement Européen France (European Movement France) and the Jeunes Européens France, its youth branch. Euro-romantic, I campaign for a positive image of the European integration next to my co-citizens, which is not so easy but very enthusiastic!

What else, to finish? I like all styles of music, watching TV, going to theatres, chatting, reading (newspapers, magazines, comics (especially the French-Belgian), having time, getting out with my friends and campaigning! I’m a real geek always on his I-Phone and his laptop too. But above all that, I like debating. So join me, read my blog and don’t hesitate to leave some comments.

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