PES: Party of European socialists

S&D: the socialist and democrat group in European Parliament

Mouvement Européen France (fr)

European Movement International

JEF-Europe (Young European Federalists)

Les Jeunes Européens France (fr)

Coulisses de Bruxelles, by Jean Quatremer, Libération correspondent (fr)

Fabien l’Européen, by Fabien Cazenave, former Taurillon chief editor, member of Jeunes Européens France (fr)

Europasionaria, by a young French woman living in Brussels (fr/en)

27 roses, the PES French actvists’ blog (fr)

L’Europe décalée, les 27 comme on ne les voit jamais (fr)

My European Dream, by Valentin Chaput (fr/en)

Martin Holterman (en)

Europe’s Café (the English version of Au Café de l’Europe)

Pleven Community, European External Action Thinkers

Europe is talking, the blog of the College of Europe community

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